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Pioneer Broom Shoppe
Pioneer brooms are handcrafted to be durable, reliable, decorative and great to use.  Crafted after Old European, Early American, Colonial, Appalachian and Pioneer styles.

Early in American history, brooms were used to sweep everything from cabins and homes to European castles.  All brooms were made by individuals from whatever local materials were available.  For example reeds, grasses, small twigs, branches and corn husks were used.  They were crudely made and served short term use, requiring frequent replacements.  History records an original broom made in 1797.  It was a most amazing broom made from sorghum fibers that quickly became very popular.  By 1820 the Shakers started mechanizing the broom industry. 

We are stepping back in time to revisit an era when brooms were made by the individual to brighten and add a decorative flare as well as keeping the home clean.  This pattern and design was developed by the immigrants from the British Isles, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Western Europe.  Settlers throughout the Appalachian region blended their skills and crafts.  Although brooms were manufactured in Massachusetts and sent all around the country, there were isolated communities that carried on the traditions of the old ways well into the early 1900 century.

Each broom is lovingly created entirely by hand using the traditional methods and tools of the 18th century craftsmen.  The Weave used is decorative, yet gives the broom a sturdy construction lasting longer than most manufactured brooms.

All of our brooms are made from natural washed broom corn.  The Handle is crafted from several different native hardwoods treated with a clear finish to bring out its natural beauty.  We are interested in stepping back to recapture the beauty and charm that was lost with the mechanization of a very common household item – the broom.

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